LadyBossBlogger Taught Me What I Did Not Know I Needed To Know In The World Of Blogging

LadyBossBlogger Taught Me What I Did Not Know I Needed To Know In The World Of Blogging

The world of blogging might seem like a jungle for many as there are endless options and problems that you face when you enter this world. How do you start and what do you do, and how does this all really work? The truth is that there is no easy and quick way out, you really need to learn all the tricks and work hard.

I have been an editor for an online entertainment magazine for many years, and I actually have a Masters Degree in Publishing and Editing, so I thought I knew a lot about these things. But the world of blogging and everything that comes with it is something quite different. For me, it´s probably more what goes with it that complicates it.

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Send the perfect invitation cards – Do it your way!

Send the perfect invitation cards – Do it your way!

If you are anything like me and love getting beautiful invitation cards to graduations, weddings and parties in your mailbox, then this is something for you.

I think it is so much more personal and classy to hold a beautiful card in your hand with an invitation than getting the invite online or via phone call.

It´s even so appropriate now to let your friends and family know about your child´s graduation, and send a card with a photo of the graduate student. And even invite to a party later on.

Designing them my way

I have found the most beautiful invitation cards from basic invite, the perfect online site where you can design them your way. Which for me is very important, as I like to put my own spin on things. And there is a lot to choose from regarding the design and the colours, so everyone should be able to find and design what they like. Just check out all these graduation invitation ideas.

There are unlimited color combinations, and I believe that basic invite is one of the few websites that allows its customers infinite color combinations, with instant online previews. You can change the color of each element on a card, with over 180 different colors to pair. So the card can be precisely how you want it, down to even the smallest detail. That is amazing and so easy! You can even choose from over thirty envelope and pocket colours.

Planning my son’s graduation


To be lucky or not in life

To be lucky or not in life

Do you consider yourself a lucky person, or do you feel that luck is not on your side?

And do you know someone who you consider to be extremely lucky? Someone that has everything going his/hers way in life? Someone who tells these incredible stories of the amazing things happening in their life? Something that you believe would never happen in your life! And would you say this bothers you?

Have you ever considered that there are no unintended consequences of luck. Luck is not something that just happens all the time! Well of course if you win the Lottery or something like that, you could call that luck. But good luck, according to some scientists is something that you can attract toward yourself. Interesting, right?

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