Winter coats

I am not exaggerating when I say I´m absolutely obsessed with coats this winter. And maybe it is completely understandable as this winter is really a feast for the coat lovers. I mean the choices are endless and the variety is great. I just could keep on adding coats to my wardrobe… seriously!

What I love about the coats this season is the oversize look – it is super comfy. It also makes it so much easier to layer, and I certainly need to layer in wintertime as I´m always cold. So for me this trend is simply perfect.

The fabric of the coats this season ranges from sleek wool coats to fluffy faux fur coats, teddy bear coats and faux leather of course. You can find elegant one coloured coats, as plaid ones and let´s not forget the houndstooth.

Here are some of my favorite winter coats

A black classic oversized coat is a wardrobe staple – great for dressing up or down. This one is from H&M fall collection.

I absolutely love this plaid coat, it is classy and chic. You can shop it HERE

This is my favorite purchase so far this fall – the perfect oversized faux fur coat. So classy and beautiful! And guess what, this beauty is from H&M!

I would say that having a camel coat in your wardrobe is essential. A true wardrobe staple.

I have gotten so much use out of this winter white teddy bear coat. You can shop it HERE

I´ve always had a soft spot for gold buttons, and a mid length coat in black with gold buttons is such a timeless piece.

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