LadyBossBlogger Taught Me What I Did Not Know I Needed To Know In The World Of Blogging

The world of blogging might seem like a jungle for many as there are endless options and problems that you face when you enter this world. How do you start and what do you do, and how does this all really work? The truth is that there is no easy and quick way out, you really need to learn all the tricks and work hard.

I have been an editor for an online entertainment magazine for many years, and I actually have a Masters Degree in Publishing and Editing, so I thought I knew a lot about these things. But the world of blogging and everything that comes with it is something quite different. For me, it´s probably more what goes with it that complicates it.

A great online course that helps

So to get better at this I am taking a great online course with LadyBossBlogger, and that is really helping me get through this jungle. The woman behind the LadyBossBlogger is Elaine Rau, an entrepreneur and the original founder of the LadyBossBlogger brand. The course is called How To Start A Moneymaking Blog and is very well organized.

I have to admit that there are so many things that I have already learnt that I did not know I needed to know, but now I see how important they are. I´m not half way through it yet but still have gained a lot of knowledge to use, not only in blogging but also with social media and marketing actually.

So far I am impressed

The first part of the course takes you through the process of how to start your own blog. This part was something I had already done, so not much new for me there. But for those that are starting out or want to start their own blog, then this is obviously something that will definitely help a lot. 

So far I´m quite impressed and happy with this course and can´t wait to finish it and use the tools and all the advice Elaine Rau has to give.

When I´m finished I will tell you more about it and what you can expect to gain.


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