Beautiful hair after fifty

As we get older our hair changes and there is absolutely nothing we can do to reverse that change. But on the other hand, there are plenty of things we can do to work with these changes. With age the hair often gets both finer and thinner, but it can also get thicker in certain places and be extremely hard to manage. It is more common though that the hair gets thinner with age.

Loosing our hair can be a problem as we get older, or the hair gets too curly, too thin at the top, frizzy, lifeless or flat. It can also be a challenge when the hair starts to get grey. It can be really difficult to manage it as the greys usually feel drier, more coarse and wiry.

Taking care of the hair

I have always taken good care of my hair, except for when I used to color it very blonde in my twenties, but those days are long gone. I guess I´m blessed with thick hair and no greys at the age of 55 – but thick hair can also be a problem. But you just have to work with what you´ve got and that is what I have done. How we take care of our hair is important in how we look. The hair can either make us look older than we are or younger. I have to admit that I would choose to look younger!

We have all had bad hair days and on these days we tend to feel that we look older than we are. Beautiful, shiny and healthy hair can definitely boost your confidence. It is simply a fact that when our hairdo is on point we look and feel good. But as we age and the hair changes we might not be able to use the same products as we are used to.

How we take care of our hair calls for new emphasis and it is more important than ever to use the right products. The right hair products can really make all the difference and today the variety has never been greater. You can for example have products to make the hair look thicker, more curlier, less curlier, straighter, shinier or whatever your needs are. Good products for the grey hair are equally important, and a conditioner is a must.

But not only the products

But the products should not be the only part in our haircare. What we eat affects the hair just as much as the body. If we constantly feed the body with junk food it will affect the hair, skin and of course our health. For beautiful healthy hair we need to eat well, and loss of hair can be a sign that the body needs iron or vitamin B.

This is important for the hair

Water – Drink plenty of water

Take Omega-3 fatty acids

Eat fresh fruits and fresh vegetables

Eat fatty fish, like salmon and tuna

Eat almonds, dates and figs

And red meat if you need iron

Washing, haircuts and in between

I try to was my hair not more often than twice a week and I have a haircut every 6 or 8 weeks. As my hair is thick and straight I need to use styling products and with the length I have now I always blow dry it. The blow dry gives me the lift and volume I want and if I take the time and do it very well the blow dry lasts for 3 days. In between washes I usually use dry shampoo and/or put my hair in a ponytail.

These are the products that I use, but I have been using Redken products for quite a while now. They have products for every kind of hair and every problem you might have.

Hopefully this will help and if you have any questions don´t hesitate to leave a comment!

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