To be lucky or not in life

Do you consider yourself a lucky person, or do you feel that luck is not on your side?

And do you know someone who you consider to be extremely lucky? Someone that has everything going his/hers way in life? Someone who tells these incredible stories of the amazing things happening in their life? Something that you believe would never happen in your life! And would you say this bothers you?

Have you ever considered that there are no unintended consequences of luck. Luck is not something that just happens all the time! Well of course if you win the Lottery or something like that, you could call that luck. But good luck, according to some scientists is something that you can attract toward yourself. Interesting, right?

You can control your own luck

It is believed that people that are considered lucky are more open for their environment and they are also more open minded than those that are less fortunate.

And the good thing is that it is not complicated to change things. How you think and how you see and talk about things in your life can make all the difference. Lucky people have certain things in common which you can easily adopt to your life and make a habit of. And maybe after all you can say that luck is believing that you are lucky!

Five things lucky people have in common

1. They always expect the best to happen – And see the glass half full.

2. They see what others do not see and ignore in life.

3. They say YES.

4. They make things happen.

5. And they don´t dwell in the future.

But this is not good luck, is it? Correct! It is the right attitude and positivity – and these two things can actually move mountains.

Good luck!

2 thoughts on “To be lucky or not in life

  1. Eu acredito que a sorte está dentro da sua mente, na positividade, em seu modo de pensar, e em como encara as situações da vida!
    Sorte é estar vivo!!! O resto é uma aprendizagem para evoluirmos nesta vida.
    Adorei seu texto!! Parabéns! Você transmite beleza interna!

    Liked by 1 person

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